The unknows guest

I was at  Mahad ( my home town ). It was Diwali (2014). I was washing my bike in the morning and this uninvited but cute guest entered in our yard. He must be around 2 months old. He was hungry. Stayed for a day, had good lunch. 

whole noon he was resting in our verandah. I took  some snaps of him. He was calm and cool now. He was well behaved and really matured. I thought he must be feeling protected. I felt nice because the way he entered and ate, played with me. In the evening when i came outside he was gone. I was little upset, more than that i was thinking how long will he survive or will anyone give him food in the night.

Some souls come in your life suddenly, makes you happy and go away without any intimation. I just want to thank them all.